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Home » News » Guest Lecture with Prof. Mike Petterson (University of Leicester)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012 - 09:35:39 WIB
Guest Lecture with Prof. Mike Petterson (University of Leicester)
Posted by : Yudistira, S.IP.
Category: News - read: 604 times

Department of Geological Engineering UGM cooperate with University of Leicester cordially invites you to attend a guest lecture by:

Prof. Mike Petterson
Professor of Applied and Environmental Geoscience, Department of Geology, Leicester University
"Lessons in natural hazard science and community interaction from Savo Volcano Solomon islands sw pacific"
Friday, 10th August 2012
09.00 - 11.30
Meeting Room 2.1 Department of Geological Engineering UGM building 2nd floor
Free and no need register !
About Prof. Mike Petterson
Professor Mike Petterson Summary of Experience and Expertise
Over 27 years of postgraduate experience in geosciences. Experience gained within academic and Geological Survey environments as a practising geologist and a scientific leader and manager.  Highest career positions include:  Professor of Applied Geoscience, University of Leicester; Director of Science Skills & Facilities and an Executive member of senior-most leadership team of British Geological Survey (BGS); Programme Manager  Economic Minerals and Geochemical Baseline,BGS.  Worked in every continent except Antarctica, particularly UK, SW Pacific, South Asia and South America /Caribbean. Key skill areas include:   scientific leadership and management; strategic leadership; applied and economic geosciences; petrogenesis and geochemistry; tectonics and structural geology; sustainable development and multi-disciplinary approaches to complex issues.

Current Position
Professor of Applied and Environmental Geoscience.  Currently focusing on: economic minerals and their relationship with igneous rocks and tectonics; ‘fertility’ of magmas in terms of Cu and Au; evolution of island arcs and arc crust; geochemistry and petrogenesis; physical volcanology and natural hazards;  applications of geosciences including nuclear waste disposal, international development, economic development;  minerals and sustainable development; leadership, management and skills development in science; current projects in UK, Solomon Islands, Montserrat, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea. Expanding the size and scope of activities offered within applied geosciences.

Agenda and Event

• December 13, 2016
Komprehensif Exam Hnin Thet Lwin
• December 09, 2016
Kolokium Exam Candra Prihatina Bintari
• December 07, 2016
Thesis Final Exam Lutfian Daryono
• December 06, 2016
Proposal Exam Tee Xiong
• December 06, 2016
Proposal Exam Ignatius Didi Setyawan
• December 01, 2016
Kolokium Exam Vo Nhut Troung
• November 30, 2016
Proposal Exam Muhammad Haritz Iftiqar Bin Ahma Termizi
• November 29, 2016
Komprehensif Exam Aung Aung Zarni


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